NTR plc Shareholders Vote for Demerger and Share Redemption

September 09 2015

Dublin, 9 September, 2015:  Shareholders of NTR plc (“NTR”) today voted overwhelmingly for proposals to demerge the Group’s European wind business from the other parts of the Group and for a share redemption at €2.25 per share.  99.9% of shareholders who voted were in favour of the resolutions.

Four resolutions relating to the proposed demerger, a capital reduction and the proposed share redemption were put to the shareholders.  A fifth resolution relating to the name change of the Company was adjourned to an EGM to be held on 6 October, 2015, where a new name “NTR plc” will be put to shareholders in place of “Altas plc” which had previously been advised.

The shareholder support for the proposals paves the way for the Group to apply to the High Court for its approval of the proposed capital reduction and demerger.  The Group is expected to apply to the High Court in the coming weeks.



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