Altas Investments plc is an Irish public company.  Its shares are not listed on any stock exchange but may be traded via stockbrokers.  Altas Investments plc Directors are committed to maintaining high standards of governance consistent with the scale of the Group’s activity

  • Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors is comprised of four Directors; one Executive and three Non-Executive Directors. Vincent Crowley chairs the Board.

    All Directors have access to the advice and services of the Company Secretary.

    The Directors are appointed for specific terms. All Directors are required to stand for re-election every three years.

    A procedure is in place whereby the Directors may, in furtherance of their duties, take independent professional advice, if necessary, at the Group's expense.

    The Group has a policy in place which indemnifies the Directors in respect of legal action taken against them.

    The Board meets regularly throughout the year.

  • Role of the Board

    Role of the Board

    The Board is responsible for the leadership of the Company.  There is a formal schedule of matters reserved by the Board for decision. This includes the approval of:

    • The financial statements
    • Business/strategic plans
    • Budgets and forecasts
    • Any transactions that materially impact Altas Investments plc’s economic interests
    • Board appointments and removals
    • Directors’ remuneration
    • The terms of reference and membership of Altas Investments plc Board Committees
    • The appointment of the auditor
  • Audit Committee

    Audit Committee

    The Committee has written terms of reference which deal with its authority and duties. These terms of reference include assisting the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities for ensuring:-

    • Appropriate financial reporting;
    • Adequate internal controls;
    • Corporate governance procedures are in place;
    • The effectiveness of the external audit process;
    • That an appropriate relationship between the Group and the external auditor is maintained, including reviewing non-audit services and fees; and
    • Recommendations are made on the appointment, re-appointment and remuneration of the Group’s external auditor.